Vola HV1

So what have chairs and taps got in common?

“So what have chairs and taps got in common?” I hear you ask.

You may not be of an age that you can remember the impact of the Ant Chair (1952) or the Egg Chair (1958) but, whether you are interested in design and fashion or not, you will be familiar with these chairs.

Though produced nearly 60 years ago, they are still manufactured today and originals are highly sort after. Having designed the Ant and the Egg, Arne Jacobsen, the Danish architect and designer, went on to create the VOLA HV1 in 1968.


Though designed in 60’s, VOLA taps should not be referred to as retro. Retro is a word used far too often to be associated with VOLA taps.

They are a work of Art! A timeless classic!

Vola only sells the Jacobsen style of tap and it’s quality is second to none.

With it’s sleek, sculptured lines and perfect proportions, it is still recognized as one of the world’s leading design icons and still remains one of the most sought after design products worldwide.

However, Vola is not only about design. It’s technology and manufacturing are just as unique and at SW1 Bathrooms you can see and feel exactly what puts Vola taps and bathroom fittings ahead of it’s rivals.

Come and visit us at SW1 Bathrooms to see these products for yourself (perhaps whilst having a cultural day, visit Tate Britain and then round the corner to us!).

On display we have a number of products including:

  • The One-Handle Mixer with Double Swivel Sprout
  • The Wall Mounted Round Shower
  • The wonderfully discreet Built-in Waste Bin
  • Or the revolutionary Towel Warmer, whose simple design oozes style!

So if you want the level of design chosen by, to name just a few:

  • Richard Rogers for The Montevetro Penthouse, London
  • The Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh
  • The German Parliament, Berlin
  •  The National Museum of Modern Art of Japan, Tokyo

Come and speak to us at SW1 Bathrooms!

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