You want your bath on the top floor?

I was just walking along Moreton Street this morning approaching the showroom. Seeing the beautiful B C Designs roll topped Boat Bath in our main window made me almost laugh out loud! I remembered the fun and games we had when we decided to move our own cast iron bath, that had been left by the previous owner, from one bathroom, up a flight of stairs, into our loft, which had been newly converted into a bedroom and separate bathroom for our teenage son.

The Boat Bath is cast in one piece from marine grade aluminium, no thin flimsy, metal sheet, and an acrylic inner is bonded into the interior for a warm bathing experience.

Looking back moving our cast iron bath was a somewhat dangerous idea. It took all the strength of 8 burly plumbers to hoist the bath up the stairs and over the banister. The look on everyone’s face when the bath was finally in place was one of huge relief, which quickly turned to laughter as someone mentioned the moment when it looked like the whole weight of the bath was being balanced on Jack’s (the plumber’s mate) head!

Of course things would have been different if we had known about the previously mentioned Boat Bath in our front window. It’s shining elegance, durability and relatively light weight would have meant we would have had no problem moving the bath into position. Designed to have the look of a cast iron bath, it’s weight means it can be easily manoeuvred around the tightest of Pimlico/Belgravia staircases, with no damage to walls en route and without the need for a small team of sweaty men complaining all the way around that it can’t be done!

But the coup de grace is that the brilliant white interior can be complimented by any exterior of your choice. Ours in the showroom is the mirrored aluminium finish but any colour from Farrow and Ball’s Elephant’s Breath, Citron, Arsenic or, to what my wife insists she would have, plain old Bubble Gum Pink!

In the interest of political correctness, it has to be said that there are many other baths available. We also have on display the popular Bette Ocean Bath. It is perfect as a family bath or, with it’s flat bottom, is particularly suitable with an over bath shower, as it offers space for showering, whilst depth so that you can enjoy a fully emerged long soak.

But we can discuss with you your exact bath requirements. So whether it be a centre piece bath or a special function bath we are the people to come to.

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